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The people of Zambia would like to welcome us all to Africa with a 10 day immersion into Zambian culture. Our trip will be lead by Mr. Yoram Banda, Yoram is a native Zambian who knows the country like the back of his hand as he knows both the bush (rural land outside the city) and the city like the back of his hand as he works through our Zambia helping the  tribal people with land cultivation and land sales. Also Mr. Banda holds so much knowledge of his culture; his knowledge of both the land and cultures makes him the perfect guide for our expedition. He & his trusted team will lead us into the Real Zambia; The team will show us the truth of everyday Zambian life & it wouldn’t be an immersion without a few water falls, beaches, and jungle safaris. This trip is open to those who want to experience Africa in a very intimate way. We will meet with different tribal peoples and we will even have a special night around the fire listening to ancient tribal songs and dances, we will even have a chance to join in the festivities. We will start the trip with a class that teaches foreigners how to interact and communicate with the native Zambians, we want everyone to feel as at home as possible.
Interesting Fact: Zambia is the heart of peace seeking peoples from different parts of the continent, during the time of slave hunting many tribes fled into Zambia seeking peace and until the very day Zambia is one of the most safe places on the globe & is ranked #9 by safari bookings.
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Tribal Meetings
Ancient Knowledge
Jungle Safari
Victoria Falls
Mountain Climbing
Fresh Water Swimming
Samfya Beach

Price: $1500 which includes all accommodations 1 meal 2-3 times a day(choice of beef, chicken, fish, or vegan/vegetarian), rooms, and transportation. You will want to bring extra spending money for snacks, souvenirs & any other items or causes that you may want to put your money towards.
Family packages available
1. Couples in 1 room  $2700
2. Couples with children price differs depending on the ages. (please contact me directly for appropriate pricing.

For more info please visit:
Via WhatsApp +14066861537
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